For faith based performances, Jeffrey Paul has 2 testimonials:

1- How to use the principles of improv comedy to "Yes, And" your relationship with God. How Jeffrey Paul changed his life of substance abuse and dead end jobs to getting an amazing career, creating a viral web-series, being featured on countless media outlets, and performing to sold out audiences.

2- Blood doesn't make family! How Jeffrey Paul met a homeless girl on the street and eventually became her and her little sister's father. The story has millions of views on YouTube and has been featured on ABC's Right This Minute and in Christian Living Magazine.

NAME: Jeff Agosta

PHONE: 208-440-2064




Jeffrey Paul is used to performing to packed crowds at fairs, performing arts centers, churches, conventions, and corporate events. His act is ever evolving to build on the massive success and momentum of PRAYnksters and his future series.

Through his unique brand of improv comedy, interactive challenges, prop comedy, and storytelling - Jeffrey Paul will do whatever it takes to ensure everyone in the audience leaves with a smile.

Every segment of the show includes audience interaction. Audience members will get to participate in hilarious challenges, direct improv scenes, become actors, and possibly even get their teeth brushed on stage.

Let PRAYNKSTERS and Jeffrey Paul bring your church, fundraiser, fair, convention, or any event an amazing show! For more info, send us an EMAIL.

PRAYnksters Live starring Jeffrey Paul takes the outlandish humor and inspirational feel of the viral web-series and puts it into a live show that is heavy on audience participation.